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Bruin Success with Less Stress

Author: Swarz, Pauline (UCLA)

Publisher: UCLA Libraries

Keyword(s): tutorial, intellectual property, file sharing, documentation, citations, plagiarism, copyright law

Audience(s): N/A

Audience Discipline(s): N/A

Assessment Present?: Yes

Part of a Series?: No

Date Created: unknown

Date Updated: unknown

Date Added to LOEX: December 1, 2007

Date Re-verified: October 1, 2012

This tutorial is focused on demonstrating a student's rights when it comes to copyright and intellectual property. It's aim is to act as an introduction to undergraduate students in academic integrity and how to integrate into the academic community. Lessons are informal and include scenarios and quizzes. All the lessons are interactive. The use of humor and the retro design of the tutorial makes it very student-friendly.